Patient Engagement White Paper

Are You Looking For A Different Approach To Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement & The Primary Care Physician – A Patient-Centered Strategy For Overcoming The Obstacles To Patient Engagement

Since first published in 2012, over 4,000 copies of my “Patient Engagement” White Paper written by Steve Wilkins, MPH have been downloaded

Ask anyone and they will tell you they are already engaged in their health.  The vast majority of us will say that we watch what we eat, exercise, wash our hands and so on.  Over 80% of us visit our personal physician every year.  What about this suggests that people are not engaged?

The problem is that providers and vendors view patient engagement using an entirely different set of metrics which bear little resemblance to how patient think and behave.

This white paper explores these differences and their implications.  The report suggests ways that providers adjust their communication with patients to become more “engaging. ”


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